Accredited Installer of Worcester Bosch Appliances

We have a special relationship with Worcester Bosch and are an Accredited Installer of their products. This means that while we are not tied to install their boilers, we install many Worcester Bosch appliances and can advise on the best boiler for your needs. Lifestyle Boilers

Importantly, we can offer an extended guarantee of 12 years on certain Worcester Bosch High Efficiency central heating boilers. This is a benefit over the standard guarantee available from other installers. 12 Year Guarantee

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Worcester Bosch assist us with promotional material and support in terms of training and information. We regularly discuss any problems we have with boilers and Worcester Bosch listen and are constantly improving their products to make them easier to install and more reliable.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and find out why we are an Accredited Installer of Worcester products.

Appliance Installation

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or to find out more about the services we offer.

We only install quality appliances. These are appliances that we know to be reliable and that perform well. In the case of central heating boilers, we only install boilers from Worcester Bosch.

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When people ring up and ask for a quotation to fit a central heating boiler or other appliance, we nearly always have to explain that we need to look at the job first. The price of a job is totally dependant upon what appliances are in use now, what equipment is required, and what work is needed to install it. Each home is different and without seeing a job, it would be wrong to quote a price first and then have to alter it when viewing the job.

Be very cautious of companies who advertise and say things like "a central heating boiler, with 7 radiators and a 5 year warranty - from £2000". Firstly, they always state the word from, and usually, it ends up costing more. Secondly, what will they actually give a warranty on? Probably their work, and not the appliance or equipment.

Contact us and tell us your requirements and we will discuss them and come out to see what can be done. No obligation quotations provided, free.

Second Hand Appliances

We are sometimes asked to fit appliances which are not new, usually gas cookers that have been passed on when someone upgrades their kitchen.

Being guided by advice from the regulators of gas work, we do not fit appliances without a proper set of installation instructions, or if the appliance is damaged, or has been modified.

This is to protect our customers (and ourselves) from potential danger brought about from not having the correct manufacturer's installation instructions.

Contact us for more details.

Combi Boilers

Combination ('combi') boilers are modern, high efficiency central heating boilers that also provide near-instant hot water. When you turn on the hot tap, hot water is delivered as needed. You do not need to heat up water in advance and store it. This means you do not waste money heating a tank of water and then letting it cool down. It also means you save the space taken up by water tanks and cylinders.

Boiler Image

We are combi boiler specialists and can convert old, inefficient systems to modern, highly efficient ones. We can quickly and economically exchange older combi boilers that are giving problems - the latest models are far more energy efficient and economic to run.

There are some downsides to having a combi boiler and these should be considered. Firstly, the typical home has a cylinder in an airing cupboard. When a combi boiler is installed, the cylinder is removed and the source of heat for the airing cupboard is lost. Even if the new combi boiler is fitted in the old airing cupboard, the small amount of heat given off is less than was given from the cylinder. (If this is a problem, we can install a small radiator in the airing cupboard).

Another point to consider with a combi boiler is the hot water delivery or output. Many people have combi boilers and are unhappy with the water delivery, and they would probably advise you not to have a combi boiler. We often encounter customers who have heard these negative tales coming from dissatisfied customers who have had the wrong boiler fitted.

There are many makers of combis and some of these are not suitable for typical houses. Numerous builders and gas installers fit the cheapest boiler they can buy at the time, regardless of the quality or reliability. Often, these installers are swayed by manufacturers offering free gifts if their boilers are used.

We only fit quality appliances that will be reliable, efficient and that will provide adequate heating and hot water for your situation. Not all houses are the same and one family's use of hot water differs from another. The boilers and systems we recommend are not the cheapest, but they will be tailored for your needs.

Contact us and discuss your requirements. No obligation quotations provided, free.

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We do not offer finance arrangements ourselves, but we are aware of online companies that offer a way to purchase high-cost items such as boilers.

Owing to financial regulations, we cannot recommend finance options.

Buyers Beware

Not all manufacturers offer the same in terms of warranty. Some boilers come with a 5 or even a 10 year warranty, which may at first glance seem similar to the cover we offer with Worcester Bosch boilers.

Buyers should make sure that a warranty covers parts, labour, and that the provider will give reasonable backup and quick response.

Flueless Fires

For safety reasons, we do not fit or service flueless gas fires. These type of fires use a special catalyst to convert products of combustion into CO2, and produce water vapour, often noticeable as condensation.

If for whatever reason, the fire does not burn correctly, soot can be produced, which could cause carbon monoxide to be released into the room (as the catalyst elemnent can no longer do its job when sooted).

Regular and proper servicing is vital to ensure continued safe operation and we would suggest that as a minimum, a good quality carbon monoxide alarm is utilised when a flueless fire is used. A carbon monoxide alarm is not a substitute for annual servicing.

Card Payments

We can take payment by debit card, but for larger jobs we prefer bank transfer, or cheque, to avoid high card fees.

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Contact Us

We can be contacted by telephone on our usual mobile number.

0773 918 5779

We can be very busy but if you leave a message, we will ring you back as soon as we can.

We can be contacted by email using the address shown below and we will reply as soon as possible.

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Gas Safe Register

We are Registered with Gas Safe Register and believe that it is essential that customers understand how seriously we take this.

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Please feel free to check our registration at the Gas Safe Register website