Some items that may be of interest, some recent and some highlights from the past...

December 2023 - Christmas And New Year

To avoid having to pay for postage and boost Royal Mail profits, we have not sent out Christmas cards again this year, but have made a small donation to charity instead. Merry Christmas to all of our customers, and best wishes for 2024.

December 2023 - Retirement? - Not Yet. Maybe

With retirement being something in the background, I have to work out a way to manage my workload so that I can reduce my hours gradually until stopping work entirely.

As a way to do this, I am aiming to concentrate on existing customers before taking on any new customers. Then, I am going to reduce the jobs I visit to those that are service and repair of Worcester Bosch boilers, and that I have installed. This way, I can manage my hours better as I will have a fair idea of what to plan and how long it will take.

This will mean going through my monthly reminders and deciding which jobs to do and which ones not to. I will try to find someone else to recommend to carry out any work that I decide not to do. This might not be ideal for some customers, but I have to find a way to reduce the work, and this seems to be the fairest way. Obviously I am grateful to customers for their loyal custom in the past.

December 2023 - 5 Yearly Gas Assessments

Pleased to have completed re-assessments on gas capabilities this month, which means that we are deemed to be safe to continue working with gas appliance for the next 5 years.

September 2023 - Boiler Pricing / Heat Pumps

The UK Government, in its wisdom, is proposing to impose what is effectively a tax on gas boilers sold next year.

They are doing this in the form of a fine to boiler manufacturers. In their attempt to force people to install heat pumps instead of high efficiency gas boilers, the Government is suggesting setting targets for manufacturers to sell an amount of heat pumps instead of boilers. For every heat pump they fall short of the target, they are to be fined, and figures of £5000 have been mentioned. Obviously, manufacturers will have to pass these fines / costs on in the form of increased pricing. This in turn will affect the cost of a new gas boiler.

While the issue of trying to force people to have heat pumps installed instead of boilers is a tricky issue, and people have different views, the increased costs are very likely.

Anyone with a boiler around 10-12 years old should consider the performance and availability of spare parts for their current boiler. With the approaching situation it is likely to be far cheaper to replace a boiler in the coming months than from January 2024. While you might not be thinking about replacing your boiler at this time, it is worth thinking about it ahead of any price increases, rather than you find out next year that a boiler costs considerably more than it does now.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any concerns you may have or to discuss this more.

August 2023 - Gas Safe Register - Inspection All OK

Just completed our latest inspection with Gas Safe Register. All ok

Please feel free to check our registration at the Gas Safe Register website

Apr 2023 - Smart Controls

In addition to Honeywell's EvoHome controls, we have started to fit smart controls from Tado and have completed their online training to become more familiar with their controls. Tado Badge

Since then, we have fitted the Tado smart control in our own home to evaluate its options - so far, so good. click here to visit our new Tado page

Mar 2023 - 0800 Number

We have decided to stop providing the 0800 freephone number. While this meant customers could ring us for free, it was not free to us - we had to pay a monthly fee plus a per-call charge. With ever-increasing costs, we decided to remove the feature. We hope this is not too much inconvenience to customers and would like to remind them that we can be conacted by phone / email / text - contact us

Feb 2023 - Website

Some web browsers are now showing a warning saying that this website is not secure, don't worry. Google have changed their rules about all websites and are trying to get everyone to use the HTTPS protocol, which is fine for sites where you enter personal data, but not necessary for this site, as there is NO personal data stored on the site. The site does NOT use cookies, or ask you to enter anything personal to you.

January 2023 - Price Increase

Just like everyone else, we have increased costs and have had to slightly increase our charges to cover things like fuel and insurance, among other things. We are not making any more money from these increased charges and in some ways, are making less than before.

We will try to be as cost effective as possible - please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have.

December 2021 - Christmas And New Year

To avoid having to pay for postage and boost Royal Mail profits, we have not sent out Christmas cards again this year, but have made a small donation to charity instead. Merry Christmas to all of our customers, and best wishes for 2022.

September 2021 - Boiler Guarantee

Twelve Year Guarantee

Certain Worcester Bosch Greenstar boilers now have a 12 (yes TWELVE!) year parts and labour guarantee. This is an amazing offer and means customers buying a new Greenstar Life / Style boiler get peace of mind for 12 years.

Please contact us for more details and to get a free (obviously!) quotation.

February 2018 - New Van

News item re new van

Having had previous van for a few years, it was time to find another one. I know that some customers think along the lines of 'well if he has a new van, he must be rolling in it', or similar. Those people can rest assured that the van is not brand new, he is not rolling in it, and the van will be paid for in three years time!

January 2018 - Paper Records

We have started using an electronic record keeping system, instead of the paper-based method. This is to reduce the amount of paper we use, and store, and to generally improve the details we keep.

During visits, instead of writing on expensive pads of pre-printed forms, we use an electronic system to record details of the address and findings from the work we carry out. These details can be printed if needed, but ideally we can provide the documents by email, saving paper and printer ink. This helps reduce costs, and the amount of paper records we have to store.

It would be appreciated that those customers who use email would let us provide documentation (including invoices) electronically. We promise not to use email addresses for any other reason than to send the documents relating to the work we carry out.

June 2017 - Competitors And Quotations

We are aware of at least one national company (who's name we aren't going to repeat here!) that claim to be able to install a Worcester Bosch boiler with a 10 year guarantee, for a lot less than we can. Having looked at their website, we can see a few things that need further consideration:

  • Firstly, the warranty - it is unclear who the warranty is actually with - is it a full, parts and labour manufacturer's warranty?
  • Secondly, the website is cleverly worded to imply that the company have their own installation engineers. This is not the case - the company simply farms the work out to whoever they can get to do the work in your area. While these people may be registered with Gas Safe Register, how can you tell that they are good installers, or will take care in your home?
  • If you have a dispute, will it be the company itself who you deal with, or their chosen sub contractor? (A potential minefield).
  • We advise anyone to look carefully at the terms and conditions on a competitor's website, especially the ones for the company we are trying to highlight here (further details on request!)

There is a lot to consider when selecting a new boiler and installer. We do not feel this can be done simply on a website, if you want to make sure you get the best boiler solution, sited in the best position, and installed by a good installer, of YOUR choice. Contact us for more details.

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