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We have a special relationship with Worcester Bosch and are an Accredited Installer of their products. This means that while we are not tied to install their boilers, we install many Worcester Bosch appliances and can advise on the best boiler for your needs. 10 Year Warranty

Importantly, we can offer an extended warranty of 10 years on certain Worcester Bosch High Efficiency central heating boilers. This is a benefit over the standard warranty available from other installers.

Worcester Bosch assist us with promotional material and support in terms of training and information. We regularly discuss any problems we have with boilers and Worcester Bosch listen and are constantly improving their products to make them easier to install and more reliable.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and find out why we are an Accredited Installer of Worcester products.


Buyers Beware

Not all manufacturers offer the same in terms of warranty. Some boilers come with a 5 year warranty, which may at first glance seem similar to the cover we offer with Worcester Bosch boilers.

Buyers should make sure that a warranty covers parts, labour, and that the provider will give reasonable backup and quick response.

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We install and service gas appliances, specialising in central heating installation.

We carry out Landlord Safety Checks and can report on gas installations prior to home purchases.

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We are Registered with Gas Safe Register and believe that it is essential that customers understand how seriously we take this.

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